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            Hammond Baptist Schools, a ministry of First Baptist Church of Hammond, was established to train the spirit, mind, soul, and body of our young people so that they achieve the proper godly balance and priorities in their lives. Proverbs 1:7a says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” Intellectual preparation begins with respect for God and authority. That is what our school system and Christian education is all about. It’s about spiritual development. One cannot have proper academic achievement without spiritual enrichment. Biblical education begins with God and finds its implementation in the 大中华彩票注册; our schools are extensions of the 大中华彩票注册 and are provided to assist parents in the training of their children.

            God has established Hammond Baptist Schools for the purpose of impacting lives for eternity through Bible-based and Christ-centered education.

            With an enrollment of approximately 900 students, we offer a safe, nurturing environment where our students realize their God-given potential to impact the world. It is a place for teachers to influence in Jesus’ name, where students grow in faith and wisdom, and where young men and women are prepared to go into the world, eagerly pursuing the opportunities that God has made ready for them.

            Grade School

            The foundation of a structure is the most crucial part of the building. At Hammond Baptist Grade School, godly teachers and a warm, inviting environment provide a terrific place for mentoring and learning to take place.

            From pre-kindergarten through the fifth grade, students are taught the essentials of the journey of learning. A strong emphasis on phonics and reading are paramount to the process of growth both mentally and spiritually. A platform that allows a team spirit and individual accomplishment to develop is provided as well as a spirit of conquering adversity and trails. Physical skills are developed as well in intramural sports without unnecessary emphasis on sports as a life’s pursuit. A strong music program cultivates an appetite for culture and balance. Children participate in chapel with biblical life lessons and sound Bible preaching to mold their spirits and endear their hearts to God.

            Junior High

            There may be no time in a child’s development that is more crucial than the early teens. The sixth through eighth grade’ years are the most formidable. These young people are challenged daily with a curriculum focused on Christian development. The strong emphasis on the Bible in music, English, physical education, math, science, and history is essential to our balanced approach. Each student prepare and presents physical and oral history and science fair projects that develop research and communication skills.

            Young men and young ladies are taught separately. They are afforded the opportunity to focus on what is truly important at this juncture in their Christian life. Programs are provided that are structured to individual needs and capabilities of the students, whether advanced studies are needed or remedial help to strengthen weak areas.

            Hammond Baptist Junior High School provides a spirited and exciting setting that promotes habits of learning and study that will accompany a student the rest of his life.

            High School

            As students progress toward the final years of their early education, the curriculum becomes more specific to areas of interest and preparation for life. Emphasis is made in the disciplines of music, sports, computers, 大中华彩票注册 economics, foreign language, mechanical arts as well as orchestra and the core academic subjects. College preparation is strongly encouraged to those whose learning skills are developed enough to accept the challenge. Juniors and Seniors are able to choose from among seven major courses of study which include music, computers, & business, 大中华彩票注册making, mechanical arts, math & science, languages, and history.

            With strong academic training being cared for at Hammond Baptist High School, each student is taught the importance of having a personal relationship with Christ and the individual’s responsibility to serve Him in this world as witnesses for His glory. Opportunity for Christian service is provided on the weekends with mentor/discipline programs that are a part of the ministry of the First Baptist Church. Every student is strongly encouraged to participate in Teenage Soul Winning or in the other outreach ministries of the church.

            Special Needs

            In life there are always those who find learning a terrific challenge, either because of pregenital handicaps or because of other ensuing circumstances outside of our control. At Hammond Baptist Schools we believe every student should have an opportunity to learn to the fullest of his ability. We seek to meet the educational needs of those requiring special attention. We have what matters most in this type of education and that is the loving concern and attention of our Spirit-filled faculty. Our educational system for the mentally challenged is as unique as the student.